(Group A-3) Sayuri Kumamoto

Ninja Weapons/Katon User


“Listen here punk before I crush your face in”

Sayuri is a hyper loudmouth with an extreme case of ADHD. She isn’t particularly good with ninjutsu or genjutsu. However, her taijutsu is okay, but that is mostly attributed to all the fights she gets into. She relies mostly on brute strength and street fighting rather than fancy taijutsu. She is known for being extremely hot headed (If your on her bad side you’d know). However, if you are on her good side she is the most dedicated friend you could ever hope for. She doesn’t search for friends they sort of just find her, she never turns anyone away and if you hang out with her and she isn’t beating you up, you’re probably her friend. She also is in charge of the impromptu ninja street gang, the ninja police haven’t done anything about it because the ‘ninja’ are usually rather harmless and do more to keep actual dangerous gangs out of the town than the danger they themselves cause, this is likely due to their mysterious ‘code’ which doesn’t actually exists but every member claims to follow. Usually the center of attention, Sayuri hates to be outshone. Her ninja weapons skills are impressive and she loves explosions!

Sayuri’s mother sadly passed away when she was born, however her father is the village’s weapon smith and owns a ninja weapons shop close to the Academy. Sayuri is the first ninja in her family and her father worries about her, but knows she’ll probably be fine.

Time Skip
These last three years have been a near hell of Ketsui’s squad. They’ve been beaten up, cut up, and mentally ripped up. It got so bad at one point Sayuri picked up smoking. However, their physical and mental resistance has gone through the roof. Sayri hasn’t gotten much better with chakra control but her ninja weapons profeciency has also gone through the roof, she treats them like an extention of her body. Strikeing a target is no harder for her than picking a flower off the ground. Her weapon of choice is actually a cursed iron boken given to her by her father. It leeches the chakra from her body at a rapid rate, but it slams into enemies with the force of bull. Her fire-style jutsu also isn’t too shabby, she’s been tasked with keeping her father’s forge hot for the last three years.
As far as her gang goes, they’ve all gotten a bit older. Some have moved on, but quite a few have stayed under her and Yaburu. The gang has now become an impromtu police force, even if the village just sees them as vigilantees.
Sayuri and Yaburu have also been confirmed to be in a relationship.

(Group A-3) Sayuri Kumamoto

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