(Group A-2) Takashi Abarame

Aburame [The Lighning Jacket]


“I hope your not allergic”

As a member of the Abarame clan from the village in the Shadow Takashi loves insects. He is an extremely normal person, other than the way he treats bugs. He talks to them and treats them like people. He once got into a fight with Sanagi because he stepped on a bug, he lost and got beat up by Sanagi and his friends. He is a very weak individual with little talent as a shinobi, however his bug style ninjutsu is amazing and it’s the only reason he is able to be a shinobi. His parents are both accomplished shinobi in the tracking division. Takashi however doesn’t want to be a tracker, he wants to be a hunter ninja, or someone who tracks down missing ninja and assassinates them on their own.

He is easily likeable, but is very forgetful and clumsy. He is a nice guy, but not someone that people enjoy hanging out with. He is the “tries to hard” kind of guy. He really wants to be liked, but often falls disappointingly short of his goals.

Time Skip
Tao has been extremely accepting of Takashi’s goals and has helped him to accomplish them. Takashi has ungone speed training with Tao and has earned a nickname throughout the village. Becasue of his heavy use of wasps he is being called the Lightning Jacket. He wields a black curved dagger that he received from Tao as a birthday gift. He now uses his bugs to distract his enemies while he speeds in and sticks them with his poisoned dagger before speeding away again and hiding somewhere.
As far as making friends goes, alot of the younger genin think he is really cool and look up to him.

(Group A-2) Takashi Abarame

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