(Group A-2 Sensei) Tao Kokaro

Taijutsu Master


“The heaviest weights are the ones in your own mind”

Tao, former partner of Arashi Totaro, is a master of most taijtsu styles. During the war he was called the Avater of the Earth. He is the owner of the Buddhist monastery atop the cliff over the village. He has a large lightning scar over his heart, this makes a dark spot in the shape of his heart on his chest as well as marks over the vascular system directly around the heart that looks like lightning bolts. (See Lighting scars on google for more information.) He refuses to talk about the scar to anyone, even though he usually doesn’t wear a shirt. He is constantly training and wears giant weights normally that most people, even most Jonin, can’t even lift an inch off the ground. This has earned him the epitaph “The Iron Bell”, referring to the giant iron bell in his temple, the heaviest object within a hundred miles, as it was made from heavy Dark Iron mined from the center of a mountain.. On the bell there is a summoning seal. He is a skilled do-ton user as well, he just prefers his taijutsu.

However, he is a monk before anything else. He is the current Grand Master of the preassure points style of fighting and knows more about human anatomy and nerves than most medical ninja. He has two adopted sons who run their own temples throughout the Shattered Sky Nation. Taos’s current goal is to reach true enlightenment through meditation, but he is having trouble letting go of his connect to his pupils, who he cares deeply for.

He spends most of his time meditating at the temple or teaching his students. He believes that before training the body, the mind must trained.

(Group A-2 Sensei) Tao Kokaro

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