(Group A-2) Mahka Maicho

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“Everyone deserves a secound chance”

Mahka is an immigrant from the far wilds, outside of the mapped world. He grew up in a hunter/gatherer tribe and learned how to fight with staves against competing tribes, as they were forbidden to kill. However, a group of mercenaries came and robbed their village, Mahka and his father killed them and they were exiled. They then wandered until they arrived at the village hidden in the shattered sky and became trackers for the village. Mahka intends to take in his father’s footsteps and become and expert tracker ninja. He is very kind, although his grasp of the language and social graces leaves much to be desired. There is no one he is mean to and he often takes the ‘turn the other cheek’ approach, even when Sanagi and his crew are being mean to him. He wears the traditional clothing of his tribe, which is dark with embroidered patterns along with feathers tied into the hair. Whenever someone in his tribe gains a great accomplishment they gain a feather for their hair, Mahka has two.

Time Skip
During the Time skip Mahka continued his strength training with Tao and has become one of the strangest ninja in the village, as far as saw strength goes. Mahka, at the request of Arashi, has also further perfected his demon binding jutsu, a technique that relies on his bloodline.

(Group A-2) Mahka Maicho

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