(Group A-2) Hakai



“Is this art?”

Hakai is a mysterious child. She is emotionless is almost any situation, when people try to teach her how to act socially she mimics them exactly and poorly fakes the emotion. She learns extremely quickly, she just doesn’t have any drive or practical ability to do much on her own. She also sits perfectly still in class while the teacher is talking. Most kids avoid her, not even Sanagi or his crew mess with her because of how unbelievably creepy she is. Most students are afraid of her, even some of the teacher are. She seems to master almost any skill thrown at her with ease, she has also displayed all five chakra natures. But she usually falls behind in some areas because of her seeming inability to improvise or come up with any drastically new idea. She does formulate her own opinions on things, but they are often rather simple; such as “I dislike this” or “I would like to do this”. She rarely speaks at all and has a very soft child like voice, she also does not understand idioms.

She is cared for by the medical staff at the village hospital and assists them on minor surgeries.

Time Skip
Hakai has been training hard with Tao over the last threee years. But not to learn new Ninjutsu. She has an uncanny ability to copy almost anything she sees but has been unable to use it in any way other than the way she saw it used originally. Tao has been teaching her to be more creative by giving her philosophy leassons and art leassons. She has gotten marginally better at these tasks and can now hold a pretty normal conversation with most people.
There have been some strange rumors going about regarding her scars though. She often comes back from missions with brutal scars that seem like she lost an entire limb, but her limbs are always intact.
Her work at the hospital has gotten more serious and she now even assists on some major surgeries. She has an uncanny ability to stay completely calm in the most stressful situations.

(Group A-2) Hakai

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