(Group A-4) Umi [DECEASED]



Player Knowledge:
Umi was orphaned during the war, her parents were fishermen of the fire nation who were killed fighting in the villages navi during the war. She was taken to her grandmother in the shattered sky village who died shortly after of disease. She grew up with her two friends Yukai and Inazuma in the orphanage, she only chose to become a ninja because they did. She is very kind but unsure of herself, as wel as extremely shy around people who are not Yukai or Inazuma. She has little talent or drive. She has the lowest scores in the class as far as practical examinations and written examinations go. She passed the genin exam and graduated by 1 point, this is only known because Sanagi was making fun of her for it before he was almost killed by Yukai and Inazuma. Yukai and Inazuma have always been her protectors and even her tutors. They tell her she doesn’t have to become a ninja, but she insists on being with them so they help train her.

Umi uses a Naginata because of a picture on the wall of her parents home, which she inherited. The painting is of a mermaid alone in a storm fighting a large man with a trident. The Mermaid was wielding a Naginata. There is a small boat in the corner of the picture, but there is a stain on the painting and the people riding the boat can’t be distinguished. She has a knack for suiton interestingly enough, it takes her a long time to learn a jutsu but once she gets it she is really good at it.

Umi was killed during the first Chunin Exams after the Celestial Concord by Uuzu Uchiha II, the son of the Yorukage at the time. She was burned to death by a suprise Amatasu attack from his mangekyo sharingan he had received from his father. He had little control over it and was unable to properly control it, leading to her innevitable death. She is sruvived by her two close freinds Yukai and Inazuna, whome she considered her close family members. May she rest in peace.

(Group A-4) Umi [DECEASED]

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