(Group A-1 Sensei) Sabuku Waru [DECEASED]

Puppet Master/Genjutsu Master


“Wise are those who can read the winds of change”

Sabuku Waru is a Jonin to the village, she defected to the village from the sand nation shortly after the beginning of the war after the battle of “Tabuki Bridge” in which she was utterly defeated. This was when she was only a chunin, her information was invaluable to the fighitng of her own nation. She is very pragmatic and logical, she understands what it takes to win a battle and stay alive, but she also knows when to surrender and give up. She is often seen around the Acamemy because her daughter Aki Waru is attending the Academy. She is in fact rarely seen away from her and even brings her on her missions, because of this it was only natural she be appointed to her team.

Sabuku carries a black coffin with a silver cross, she often uses ninja wire as a weapon and is known as the best genjutsu user in the entire village, because of her extensive use of genjutsu little is actually known about her fighting style.

(Group A-1 Sensei) Sabuku Waru [DECEASED]

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