(Group A-1) Kyokan

Stealthy Bow User/Futon


“I don’t miss”

A war child from the Crag Nation, Kyokan’s family and village was burned during a battle. A chunin from the moonlight saved him and brought him to the orphanage, where he has stayed because of his skin color. When the village was destroyed he traveled with the refugees to the new village made at the end of the war, The Village Hidden in The Shattered Sky. Most people still discriminate against the south western nations because of their neutrality in the war. This has made him cold to the world, instead of fighting the insults he shoulders them and bears on straight ahead. He plans on becoming an ANBU of the village with a specialization in assassination. He is cold and rude to people, often taking little interest in them. He is only interested in becoming head of the ANBU core.

Kyokan’s weapon of choice is his bow, which is odd for a ninja. When people ask him why he uses he tells them that he is going to be the first ninja to master it completely. There was a rumor going around once that he could shoot an arrow though the hole of a ryu while it was spinning in the air.

Time Skip
Over the last three years Kyokan has further mastered his skill withthe bow. He has also taken to setting challanges for himself during missions, much to his squadmates dispair. He will often set rules such as “I will not jump during this mission” or “I will only use on arrow for the while mission”. Some higher ups in the village however have started to notice his skill with a bow. Particularly his ability to fire explosive tag covered arrows 1,000 ft away to be used as long range artillery.
Also, people have started to get used to seeing him around the vilalge and have stopped treating him with such contempt. Because of this he has softened up a bit and is significant;y more open with the people around him. He smiles now.

(Group A-1) Kyokan

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