(Group A-1) Aki Waru



“The ground I walk on has more value than you”

Aki Waru is the prodigal daughter of Sabuku Waru. She is one of the best students in the class in practical applications and second on tests behind Sotomu, this is likely due to the personal training by her mother and in field experience even before she was admitted to the Academy, she is not shy about everyone knowing it either. She is very boastful and likes to put people into their places, so they all know they are weaker than she is. She is extremely sadistic and will often trap enemies in horrifying genjutsu just to watch them freak out and squirm. She has a crush on Inazuma, the orphan boy. But he often rejects her affects and spends most of his time with another girl (Umi). Because of this Aki has developed a strong hatred for little Umi, however she has done nothing to her…yet.

As aforementioned, she is a genjutsu genius, this again is likely because of her mother drilling her constantly.

Time Skip
Aki seems to have clamed down a bit as far as her bullying goes. She doesn’t really assosiate with anyone that much anymore either. After Umi’s death it had gotten around to Yukai that Aki was talking shit about her. Aki spent the next week in intensive care and Yukai the next month in a ninja detention facility.
It was after this that Aki began to spend more time with her mother training. While it may be true that she doesn’t bully people so much anymore, she is even more cruel than she used to be. Even her squadmates admit that she can be a bit overly sadistic on missions.

(Group A-1) Aki Waru

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