(Group A-0) Silver


“I wil restore my family’s lost honor”

Silver was born to a rather wealthy family with high expectations. His family sold cheap weapons during the war and made a killing, literally. Their cheap weapons caused deaths on both sides, due to weapons breaking in combat. Silver joined the ninja Academy to bring honor back to his family name. When he was rejected by the ninja swordsman team he was devastated, and gained a seathing hatred for Yukai. When Yukai gave the spot to him Silver took it as a sign of pity, and began to hate him even more. He has a very one minded personality. All he wants and talks about has something to do with swordsmanship, which is why he uses so many swords.

His fighting style focuses on using several light swords, because of how light they are they are very flimsy and are prone to breaking. However, he has chosen to focus on batou jutsu (sword drawing justsu) and usually drops the sword he was using after a few attacks with it.

Time Skip
While Amedemaru was away Silver thought he would get more training time with Hide. Howeve, Hide decided to focus on Training Sabi. Silver confronted him about this and was told; “Amedemaru and Sabi are simply more powerful than you Silver. Trining you would weaken the vilalge when I could be training someone else”. Silver took this jab hard. For awhile he left the village and became a mercinary for hire. But he wasn’t gone longer than a couple months before returning. He wasn’t sure if he should be releaved or slighted when he got back and realized he was never labled as a mission nin. It was at this time Silver decided to take his anger and direct it into his training. He finally swallowed his pride and spoke with Yukai. Over the timeskip Silver has been training everyday with Yukai. He seems to think that he hasn’t gotten any better, only because Yukai simply gets better much faster than Silver does however, Silver has actually become an extremely deadly swordsman (some might even say he is on par with Amedemaru).


(Group A-0) Silver

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