(Group A-0) Sabi [Deceased]


“Someday I hope to be as great as my mother and father”

Sabi was born on the battlefield, her mother was the first female samurai and she inherited her sword and manor upon her death. While pregnant Sabi’s mother rested on the sidelines of the battlefield and worked as a blacksmith until she gave birth. After which she returned to the battlefield immediately, and died. Her father survived the war, but died in an ambush on the way home in a sick twist of fate. Because of this Sabi grew up in the mansion with a nani she hired for company and instruction.
She then joined the Academy so she could become a swordsman like her mother and her father, which is why she accepted the invitation into the shinobi swordsmen group (a specialized training school for high talent ninja who are trained in counter ninja operations and are pulled from the academy in their second year.) She is a very confident girl and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is a serious no non-sense individual who has her eyes set on the prize. The warrior discipline her parents carried about them seems to have been passed to her.

She has an interesting fighting style, she doesn’t go for a finishing blow, instead she fights with a style fitting the weapon she inherited. The sword will rot or rust anything it cuts. She is very careful and focuses mostly on counter attacks. In combat she is focused and extremely serious.

Time Skip
While Amedemaru was in the Holy land Sabi trained personally with Hide. During this time she grew in strength much more rapidly than either he or Hide beleived she could. She also studied the fighting styles of the Eastern and Western Kingdoms. Their fighting styles are very similar and being allied with one means being an enemy to the other. Becasue of this it is almost assured that the Shattered Sky will fight one of their armies at some point in the coming war. Thus Sabi has mastered a fighitng style to count this nation. So far she is undefeated by either Western or Eastern kingdom skirmishes and practices.


(Group A-0) Sabi [Deceased]

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