(Group A-0 Sensei) Hide Uchiha

[The Mirror Blade]


“Talent is not something that can be taught”

Hide is one of the soldiers that came to found the village with Saigo. Originally from the Shadow Nation Hide is a master swordsman. He was sent to the frontlines with Saigo against Ishiru because he can copy swordstyles by closely examining them. His sharingan also gives him the reaction time he needs to not only copy a swordstyle, but use it more effectivelt than the person he stole it from. As he fought in the war he began to take the best stances and forms from the styles to blend them into his master style. He originally was suppsoed to take these styles and form a perfect Uchiha style for the Shadow Swordsmen to use. Instead when he left he brought his secrets with him and now teaches swordsmanship to Shattered Sky genin and will occasionally tutor chunin or jonin.

Hide’s main focus is anti ninja swordsmanship. Before he was stationed with Saigo he was fighting with Avalon troops and learned many of their anti ninja secrets.

Hide is a very driven man, he is very yong for his swordsmenship skills and is only 30. He was an Uchiha prodjy and was doted on by many, Saigo was the first person to respect him as a person and not a swrdsman.

Hide knows how war works, because of this he is am extremely difficult teacher. Originally he was strictly an Uchiha tutor and taught them how to effectively use the sharingan with swords but at Saigo’s request he formed the anti ninja swordsman division known as Group 0. He recruits the most promising to-be swordsman from the acadamy after two years and focuses their training. The children he trains are some of the most dangerous swordsmen in the world.

As far as his students goes; he is extra hard on Amedamaru who does nothing but slack off when he isnt kept busy. It upsets him that he is wasting his potential becaus ehe can see if Amedamaru applied himself he could be an even better swordsman than him. He respects Silver’s effort but he wasn’t Hide’s first choice for the position. Because of this he is often judgemental of Silver’s accomplishments because there are some moments when he just doesn’t meassure up compared to the other two. Sabi is nothing remarkable to Hide, just another student. He thinks she releis a bit to much on the powers of her sword, but her sword does give her an amazing edge in combat so he is helping her with creating a style that emphasizes her sword’s abilities.

(Group A-0 Sensei) Hide Uchiha

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