(NPC) Akudama (Ku)

Cheerful Orphanage Owner


Akudama is a retired ninja of unknown rank from the Hidden Forest village. He moved to the Moonlight Village roughly 10 years after the war started and formed an orphange. When the Moonlight was under attack he escorted the civilian population to the Hidden Wind Nation and protected them, even as a group of traveling refugees.

When the Shattered Sky Village was founded he brought the refugees there and formed a new orphange with the help of Tao. The orphange was meant for children of war or those who lost parents due to the war. He is often refered to as a passionless man with no ambition or goals. However, he is more often refered to as a prideless man who cartes only for the orphans. He has been quoted saying “The value of a man can be meassured by how he treats those than can give him nothing”

He encourages the orphans to persue all types of carreers and attends all their performances, recitals, graduations, and other events (oddly enough he even manages to go to the events that take place at the same time)

He is married to Nami, a jonin in the village who is often gone on missions. With her help he keeps the orphange funded and the orphans well fed and happy.

Akudama is probably the most well liked individual in the village, even by non-orphan children. The village children refer to him as Ku. He has memorized the names, birthdays, faces, and hobbies of almost all of the children in the village, a staggering feat of memory. He never talks about his ninja days, but there are rumors that speak of horrfying scars that run accross his entire body and metal plates that hold him together.


(NPC) Akudama (Ku)

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