Naruto D20

S5: Episode 19 - Unraveling the Past: The Celestial Conflict

Soisne’s Face

Arashi readjusts his “God” haori in a darkened cave; rain pounds on the ground outside. He turns and starts to walk out only to find Soisne standing at the cave mouth, arms crossed. Arashi nods, “Soisne.” She stares at him stiffly for a moment before replying, “Arashi.” She offers no other statement or movement. “You seem displeased,” Arashi notes. “Of course I am,” she snaps, “You’ve been killing our friends.” She walks closer to him, trying to look him in the eye, “Kira…Kira is dead!” Arashi shrugs and looks up at her with glassy eyes, “A necessary sacrifice for peace.” She looks dumbfounded, “Peace? What peace? Have you forgotten what we’ve been doing for the past four years?” Arashi shakes his head smiling, “Soisne, I am enlightened! I have seen what it is I was born to do! I will become the vessel to take this broken world into its new age!” Soisne looks at him for a long moment, “And because of this, Kira had to die?” “Yes.” Soisne bows her head.

Arashi begins to walk past her, but she puts out her arm to block his way. She looks up at him with that stubborn look in her eyes, “I’m not going to let you leave here spouting that sanctimonious bullshit.” Arashi’s expression hardens, “…Let?” She walks directly in front of him, “Don’t act like you’re so much stronger than me! I’ve gotten more powerful as well!” Arashi laughs harshly, “I built that body of yours, Soisne. You’re just a blood-crazed lunatic who kills for fun.” Something in Soisne’s face crumbles and Arashi sneers, “I have a higher purpose! What could a monster like you understand about peace?” Soisne’s arms fall limply to her sides and her eyes begin to shine, “…who are you?” she whispers, searching his face desperately. He puts a hand on her shoulder, looking down on her with lofty compassion, “I am a God. Let me show you.”

Soisne chuckles weakly, “A God? Don’t make me laugh…you’re a monster, just like me.” She makes a hand seal and blood begins to pour out of the seals covering her arms. Arashi takes a step backwards, “There is no need for this—” “ENOUGH!” Blood bursts through the cave to form a large Blood Susano around Soisne, whose pupils have dilated into slits, “Enough of your religious bullshit! I’m going to beat this god complex shit out of you and drag you home!” Arashi’s expression slips at her last statement. “WE HAVE NO HOME!” he bellows as he begins to form the Susano.

An extensive rainy battle against the two ensues. Arashi kills Soisne four times before beating her into submission. He stands above her with his hand poised to rip the last heart out of her open chest when he hears a voice yell, “STOP!” Arashi looks over to find his father, Raiku Totoro, standing on a nearby outcropping, huffing and puffing in the pouring rain, “Stop,” he repeats, staring at his son imploringly. Arashi slowly lifts his foot off of Soisne’s chest, “Raiku Totoro.” “…what happened to Dad?” Arashi scoffs, “I’ve ascended beyond such mortal connections, Raiku.” Raiku looks angry at this, “That’s bullshit and you know it! You’re still my son!” He gets a nostalgic look on his face, “Remember your ninja pajamas? Your mother would alwa—”

Arashi flashes over to Raiku and stabs him through the chest with a Chidori blade. He looks at him impassively before shoving him onto the ground, “I shall leave you here dying to give you a chance to repent for your sins.” He walks back over to Soisne who lies on the ground, struggling to rise, “As for you,” he uses his Chidori blade to slice through her last heart. Without assessing the scene further, he walks off into the rain.

Large ‘X’ – the following memory was double-locked

Arashi stands on top of a ledge looking down on Tao and Soisne, who stand below. Arashi looks curiously at Soisne, “How are you alive? I cut out your last heart.” Soisne stares back at him, “It turns out that our old sensei is less dead than you though he was,” she spits out harshly. Tao interjects, “He healed your father and brought Soisne back.” Arashi sneers, “Kase Zetsubo…how dare he deny my will…no matter. I will rectify the situation.” He flashes towards Soisne and immediately attempts to cut out one of her hearts, which she blocks with a bone that juts out of her body.

A battle similar to the previous Arashi and Soisne battle ensues. Soisne conjures a Blood Susano while Arashi uses a normal Susano; Tao interjects at times enveloped in White Energy armor that attacks with 300 arms. The three of them rely on Sage and, in Soisne’s case, Anti-Sage chakra to fight continuously for three days, during which Soisne is killed four times and Tao narrowly avoids death numerous times. On the third day, Arashi notices an opening in Tao’s defenses and teleports in to cut his throat out before Soisne can stop him. Just as he has his chakra scalpel held directly in front of Tao’s jugular, Arashi suddenly stops moving entirely. Tao jumps back in alarm and Soisne looks around in confusion; she notices a single shiruken stuck in Arashi’s shadow. She looks around the empty landscape for a moment, trying to find the thrower, but shakes her head and approaches Arashi instead.

She flicks some of her blood onto his shadow and begins to move around him, burning multiple inhibiting seals into his flesh. Meanwhile, Tao releases a seal and pulls out a large black metal cross covered in similar inhibiting seals. By the time Soisne finishes putting seals on him, his skin is utterly black with them; she releases him from paralysis upon completion and turns her back on him to look at the horizon. Arashi falls heavily to the ground, completely unable to move. Tao glares at Arashi with utter disgust before picking him up and chaining him to the Strontium cross. Both Tao and Soisne pick up a half of the cross and begin to drag it off into the wastes that they created, never once looking back at Arashi. They travel in complete silence while Arashi stares at nothing, tears streaming from his eyes. For the first time in a very long while, he felt truly alone in the world.


Kai and Yasei chose to include the Large X Memory



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