Naruto D20

S5: Episode 21 - Unraveling the Past: The Final Memory

An Iron Door

Raiku Totoro supports a limp Arashi as the two are escorted through the prison complex by Soisne, adorned in Shattered Sky ANBU apparel. As they near a large iron door, she grabs the latch and throws the door open; Arashi raises his arm in front of him as the intensely bright light assails his eyes. When his eyes do adjust, he sees Raiku looking at his expectantly, “Well, you’re out!” he says excitedly. Arashi is hit with an intense wave of lethargy and nearly falls to the ground. Raiku scrambles to grab him as Soisne stiffens, hand hovering over her utility belt. “Tired,” Arashi grunts as Raiku steadies him. “He just needs to rest,” Raiku says to Soisne, “Can I take him home now?” She nods, lowering her hands. She goes to walk past them back into the village, but stops to look Arashi in the eyes first. “I’ll be watching you,” she says to him flatly, “Don’t do anything stupid.”

Upon reaching home, Arashi slumps onto the living room couch while Raiku attends to the ramen shop. He sits completely still, watching a young Sutomu Totaro run around the room, brandishing a dulled kunai at invisible enemies. His vision fuzzes and he sees a younger version of himself doing the same as a woman with electric blue hair and a summoning tattoo laughs and chases him around. The vision and the woman fades and Sutomu continues leaping around the room happily. The memory flashes forward and Arashi is standing over a sleeping Sutomu, still staring blankly. He activates tiny chakra needles in his fingers and mechanically pokes multiple holes into the girl’s chakra pathways.

Arashi’s memory blurs into a haze of endless cycle of sleeping, eating and drinking. After a few years of the haze, Saigo Uchiha steps into Arashi’s room, nearly tripping on three empty bottles on his way in. Arashi drags himself into a sitting position and looks at Saigo sluggishly. “Arashi, you don’t look so hot.” Arashi yawns, “So tired…” “Maybe I can get them to increase your chakra allowance.” Arashi tries to laugh, but loses the energy to do so from just thinking about it. Saigo goes to sit next to him, “What you need is a job. Something to get you out of here,” he gestures around the dark room. Arashi shrugs.

Saigo pushes on, “We’ve got three kids graduating from the academy with Sutomu: a sand-user, a Hyuga and my son, Kai. We were thinking of letting them be your pupils.” Arashi shakes his head, “No. Won’t do it.” “It’ll be good for you. You’ve got to get out of the house.” “You can’t make me.” Saigo looks at him imploringly, “Listen, if you don’t do this, they’re gonna put you back down in that pit.” Arashi hears a drip that clearly didn’t originate in his room. He is silent for awhile before agreeing reluctantly.

The memory fast forwards and Arashi is roused from a deep sleep by an insistent Tyrell. He rolls over grumpily, “What?” Tyrell looks nervous, “Yo man, we gotta get to the graduation, man. You already late!” Arashi groans and puts a pillow over his head while Tyrell continues to bother him, “Yo man, dis ain’t cool. You gotta go, man!” Arashi waves him off, “You just go for me…I’m gonna sleep.” “Yo man,” Tyrell looks conflicted, “Uh…uh—uh, I’ll be back, man.” He runs out of the window and Arashi instantly falls back asleep. A few hours later, Arashi is woken up again, “Yo man, I think they startin’ to catch on that I’m not their sensei, man!” Arashi rolls over again, “What?” Tyrell is frantic, “They’re not buying the whole ‘wolf being their sensei’ thing. You gotta help me out, man!”

Arashi groans as he stands up, “Useless,” he mutters, pulling on a shirt. “Aw, come on man,” Tyrell gives him a sad wolf face. Arashi continues to mutter under his breath as he opens his door to leave the room behind.

Kai and Yasei chose to unlock this memory. To recap, they unlocked the following memories:

Metal Flower
Black Fire
Blood Red Door
Breaking into Two Pieces
Akudama’s Face
Big X (Celestial Conflict)
Iron Door

After going over their selections carefully a fourth time, Kai and Yasei conclude that their decisions would successfully de-bitchify Arashi without making him an insane asshole. Not wanting anything more than to get out of this intensely depressing mindscape, Kai ends his Tsukiyomi and they suddenly find themselves back in Lord Shinamori‘s dining room. Kai, suddenly hit with the mental exhaustion of keeping up three Tsukiyomis, instantly collapses; Yasei catches him before he hits the ground and props him up in a nearby chair. Nobody else in the room comments or seems to notice any of this transpiring. All of the Hikari’s attention is fixed upon an inert Arashi who is very slowly blinking open his eyes.




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