Naruto D20

S5: Episode 18 - Unraveling the Past: The Avatar of Heaven

A Road

Villagers flee in terror as Arashi slowly approaches, hands in his pocket and Sharingan activated. “Listen,” he says as he sucks a building into his eye, “I know there are ninja in this village. Just tell me where they are and I’ll stop.” He ejects the building in his eye into another, instantly killing a dozen villages. He whistles, hands still in his pockets, “I’m getting pretty good at this.” A woman stumbles towards him sobbing, “Please stop,” she begs. Arashi sighs, “Just tell me where the ninja are.” “I really don’t know, just please leave my daughter alone!” she glances back at the young girl cowering behind her.

Arashi shrugs, “Sorry lady. The world’s a shitty place, get used to it.” He cuts the woman’s head off in one swift motion, “Either I kill her now or another ninja does later…I’m doing her a favor.” He approaches the girl; she cries softly, clutching a large wolf stuffed animal tightly to her chest. Arashi halts when he sees the wolf. Hand trembling, he reaches into his belt and pulls out a pill bottle. When he puts the bottle to his mouth he suddenly realizes that its empty. The bottle drops and Arashi stares fixedly at the crying girl, “Get away from me,” he yells at her; the girl simply cires for her mother. He falls to his knees in front of her and begins to shake her, a wild look of desperation rising in his eyes, “It’s not my fault,” he yells at her, “I didn’t kill you, its Uuzu…this is all his fault…” He remembers Uuzu kicking a stuffed wolf into the Amaterasu…

A sword slices through Arashi’s chest and the stuffed wolf in front of him. From behind him, a villager ecstatically cries, “I got him! I killed the Avatar of Heaven!” Arashi can only look at the girl, whose blood is seeping though the stuffed wolf. She looks up at him with teary, rapidly-glazing eyes, “Why…why are you doing this?” before she slumps against him. Arashi’s memory goes black.

When it clears, Arashi is standing in a decimated crater where the village used to be. He clutches the bloodied stuffed wolf to his chest and screams into the sky, tears streaming down his face.


Arashi walks along a desert with a woman trotting along behind him; he wears a white robe with the world “God” written along the back.


“Arashi-gama, the next sacrifice is ready,” the woman says as she dodges the people throwing themselves into the path after Arashi passes. Arashi nods before turning to face his followers, “I will show you the power of the gods,” he announces. A woman frantically scrambles to the front of the crowd, “My daughter is sick!” she yells, “Can you help her, Arashi-gama?” Arashi walks over to the woman’s daughter and smiles, “All is possible when you walk in my light.” He places his hand over the daughter’s eyes and heals her blindness with ninjutsu. The followers explode with excitement as the girl blinks her eyes in amazement.

The woman follower returns with a teenaged girl, who appears to be afraid. She looks down at the nervous girl and smiles, “There is no need to be afraid. Arashi-gama is going to send you to heaven to see your parents.” She gestures to the white-clothed followers all around her, “He is going to send all good people, like us, into Heaven and all those murderers who killed your parents to Hell where they belong.” “But…what if it goes wrong?” the girl asks hesitantly. “He is a God sent to us from Heaven; he can’t fail! And besides, he has already done this dozens of times.” “We must be going,” Arashi interrupts. The girl takes the woman’s hand and Arashi teleports them to the epicenter of the battlefield where it is raining profusely.

“Come, my child.” Arashi begins to raise the girl in front of him with force. She begins to cry, “i’m scared.” “Shhhh, soon you will be in Heaven, child,” Arashi says as he uses a genjutsu on her; she slumps in front of him. He creates numerous hand seals and suddenly her soul flies out of her body; the soul flies into the air, growing increasingly smaller, but also brighter. It appears to reach its peak when everything is enveloped in a bright light.

A shockwave spreads from the epicenter. Ninjas and animals alike attempt to run from it, but none can escape as the very ground is eviscerated in an instant. After the instant, it is deadly silent; only Arashi and his follower remain in the vast wasteland, observing the decimation. The follower is ecstatic, “All sinners sent to hell with one wave of your hand!” She looks up at him with happy tears in her eyes, “Arashi-gama—” Arashi grabs her and throws her into the air where she is immediately enveloped in black flames.

“That was cold, ‘Arashi-gama,’ or whatever they’re calling you these days,” Uuzu Uchiha tsks as he touches down on the ground. Arashi turns around and activates his Mangyekyo Sharingan, “I have you to thank for that.” Uuzu doesn’t seem surprised, “So the rumors are true. You’ve stolen yourself a pair of Mangekyo Sharingan…but it matters not. You’re merely a pretender, not a true Uchiha.” Uuzu directs his gaze at Arashi and activates his Amaterasu once more. Just as it is about to ignite on Arashi, Arashi utilizes his Sharingan to wink it out of existence and then place it on Uuzu’s shoulder. Uuzu jumps back before hastily deactivating his fire, gritting his teeth. “I am stronger than you, Uuzu,” Arashi says in a cool, flat voice. “Not on your life, kid.” Uuzu enters a battle position. “The result will be different. This time, I’m going to kill you and then I’m going to save this broken world.”

Uuzu narrows his eyes, “You’re all talk! Let me show you the power of a true Uchiha!” and begins to form the Susano. Arashi doesn’t move an inch; his Mangekyo only glows brighter. He has the Susano blade strike at Arashi and entire area is enveloped in smoke and Uuzu smiles, “And that’s tha—” Suddenly, Arashi’s laughter begins to echo across the battlefield. As the smoke begins to clear, Uuzu sees that a ribcage the same color as his has begun to form around Arashi, whose laughter is escalating maniacally, “Don’t place me on the same level as you mortals!” Instantly, the Susano identical to Uuzu’s grows around him and grows.

Uuzu looks utterly terrified, “That’s impossible!” Arashi’s laughter dims, “Do not despair, Uuzu,” he says as he draws his Susano’s blade, “You did all you could as a mere mortal.” An extensive blow-for-blow fight ensues which destroys all that remains of the surrounding landscape. In the end, both Uuzu and Arashi lie bleeding out on the ground. Uuzu grits his teeth and summons a Shadown ninja in a mask. The ninja looks at Arashi and sees Uuzu bleeding out; he grabs Uuzu and flies away. Meanwhile, Arashi weaves in and out of consciousness. He watches Uuzu fly into the sky, closes his eyes, opens them and sees a woman in Yellow wheeling him into an operating theater. He continues to stare at the dingy sealing as she proceeds to heal his injuries.




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