Naruto D20

S5: Episode 17 - Unraveling the Past: Obtaining a Sharingan

Akudama’s Face

Arashi stands back to back with an unknown medical ninja surrounded by three Uchiha. The medical ninja whistles, “Three new Mangekyo, huh? Rough.” The Uchiha around them hesitate, unsure how to proceed. “So, how’s your Sharingan research coming anyway?” Arashi asks the medical ninja. The Uchiha attack and the conversation continues. “Well, I found out why there have been more Mangekyos are lately. Apparently, when they experience bouts of extreme emotional distress they awaken the Mangekyo.” He slashes the throat of his opponent with ease. Arashi stabs another Uchiha in the face while nodding in interest. The medical ninja alerts, “Wait, leave that one for me. It looks like he’s related to the one you just killed.”

Arashi throws the Uchiha to the ground and the medical ninja vomits a white snake onto the ground. The snake quickly slithers into the Uchiha’s mouth, who struggles temporarily before becoming still. The Uchiha gets to his feet, walks around and cracks his neck. Kai and Yasei uncomfortably notice that this man looks exactly like Akudama.


Arashi continues his line of questioning, “So, what’s the big deal about them being related?” “Well,” Akudama says while leaning down and activating his chakra scalpels, “When the Mangekyo is created, it leaves an implant on the eye, but you don’t need that for the eternal Mangekyo. You see,” he carefully cuts through the nerve endings of the brother’s eyes, “The reason you can’t mass-produce these things is that you need to pull out the optic nerve, not just the eye. Once you fuse the optic nerves of one related body with another, you can get the eternal Mangekyo.” With that, he pulls out the optic nerves and implants them into his eyes. Akudama looks at Arashi with his new eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, “I could teach you how to do this.” Arashi nods, “Yeah sure. I was gonna torture this one, but…let him talk. I want to know if he has any relatives.” Akudama stares at the survivor intently for a second and smiles, “It seems he has a little brother in a village not too far off,” he gestures for Arashi to pass by, “Shall we?”

Yasei feels memories rushing back to her; she suddenly remembers everything about Yukai’s arm and Akudama’s attempt on her life. She begins to hyperventilate, repeating “I shouldn’t have seen that, I shouldn’t have seen that.” As more and more comes back, she becomes more panicked, “Nononononono, he’s gonna kill me!” A confused Kai pats her on the shoulder, “What’s wrong?” He leads her into the hallway. Yasei explains how Arashi went out on a limb to protect her from Akudama. Kai suggests going to find what he had to do to stop Akudama. They end up finding the memory and discover that Arashi gave Akudama a mechanical heart in exchange for keeping Yasei alive. They conclude to just never mention this ever again and hope Akudama doesn’t try to kill her and continue to the next door.

Happy House

Arashi and Akudama kick down the door to a small cottage. A lady inside screams in alarm and Akudama holds up a candy wrapper, “So you can teleport to any of these at any time?” Arashi sighs harshly, “I TOLD you, it’s not teleportation, jesus!” He stabs the woman in the chest to stop her inane screaming, “So tell me again, how do we transport these eyes?” Akudama tells Arashi to hold the kid down.

When the kid comes too, he is extremely confused and Arashi sits in front of him, “Amazing, isn’t it?” he says. The boys asks, “What?” “I just gave you the Mangekyo Sharingan.” The Uchiha boy is very excited, “What? Really?!” He stands up and finally sees his dead mother. “Yeah,” Arashi says calmly, “You wanna know how I got ’em?” He slowly lifts the boy’s brother’s eyeless head in front of him. The boy begins to scream and claw at his own eyes as he experiences his Mangekyo Awakening Rage. After an extensive battle with the child, Arashi and Akudama manage to beat him; the entire town is destroyed in the process. Arashi looks around and whistles, “Whoa, it worked.” He bends down over the Uchiha boy, conducts the optical nerve surgery and implants them into himself.

Akudama saunters around picking through villager corpses, throwing many into familiar wooden coffins, “I told you,” he inspects a man’s arm before adding him to a box, “anatomy is my specialty.” Arashi pops some pills and looks intently into the night with his new Mangekyo Sharingan glowing brightly in the darkness, “That it is.”




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