Naruto D20

S5: Episode 16 - Unraveling the Past - The Uchiha Genocide

Blood Red Door

Blood and lightning rains from the sky and pounds into the now-barren battlefield as Arashi and Soisne destroy everything in sight. Arashi blasts lightning through an Uchiha’s chest while Soisne rips a heart out of one’s ribcage, laughing uncontrollably as she does it. She stares at the heart in her hand and begins to eat it voraciously before choking and falling to the ground. Arashi’s head whips around when he sees her fall, “Soisne!” and he races over to her, looking extremely alarmed, “What the fuck are you doing?!” Soisne continues laughing as her body tries to kill her.

Arashi’s hands tremble and he shakily pops a few pills. He activates his chakra scalpels and begins to root around though Soisne’s failing body, mumbling to himself, “Pulse low…liver good…pancreas failing…collapsed lung….Jesus, Soisne, are you trying to—I’m stopping this now.” He goes to break her ribcage to stop the process, but she stops laughing and grabs his arm with an iron grip. She stares at him intently, “Leave it.” He doesn’t believe her, “Soisne…” But he sighs in resignation when he sees the familiar stubborn look in her eyes, “I suppose I can move around the organs to support the additional heart…”

He activates a medical jutsu and the blood flowing out of her body flows back inwards. Her eyes widen as more blood returns to her, “I want more.” Arashi looks up at her, “More?” She looks down at her own heart and begins to laugh hysterically again, “MORE!” Arashi looks down and chuckles, “Well fine then.” He pulls out her organs by the handful and begins to inject them with strange blood and bone mixtures while Soisne laughter drifts across the battlefield.

Battle Scene

An Uchiha warrior decapitates Soisne with a single swing of his sword while Arashi watches from afar impassively. The warrior blanches in horror as tendrils of blood burst from Soisne’s headless body and begin to reattached her head to the body. Another Uchiha rips a heart out of her chest with the Chidori in a panic; Soisne catches his arm as he attempts to retreat and rips his entire body in half, laughing maniacally. As her head continues to attach itself, she rips the Chidori-user’s heart out and begins to eat it.

Arashi walks over, nodding in approval, “Looks like five is a good number. Appears to be maintaining high regeneration, elemental affinities—” “This body is amazing!” Soisne exclaims, extending blood tendrils thirty feet behind her into an Uchiha’s jugular. Arashi smiles wryly, “Only the best for you.” “You should do this to yourself!” she exclaims. A sword goes through Arashi’s chest and he sighs in exasperation, “I think I’m pretty good with what I’ve got.” The man who stabbed him trembles behind him, “M-monsters!” Arashi turns to face him, the sword still stuck in his chest, “Are you an Uchiha?” “N-n-no—” “Good for you.” Arashi crushes him to the size of a pin.

“You’re gravity style is coming along nicely,” Soisne comments, as Arashi pulls the sword out of his chest and tosses it aside. “Yeah, its weird though. I can’t seem to get the chakra to work quite right. I think it requires some kind of special chakra. I’ll need to find a member of the bloodline…that is, if Kase didn’t kill the last one,” he laughs and pops some more pills. At the mention of killing, Soisne’s body quivers in a peculiar, animal-like fashion, which Arashi notices immediately, “That anxious for more blood, huh? Well, I think we can go at this for a few more days before taking a rest.” He stretches and floats into the air while razor-sharp tendrils of blood raise out of Soisne, “Let’s get to work.”

Breaking Into Two Pieces

Another utterly decimated battlefield is revealed, this time accompanied by a group of Mountain Nation soldiers, staring in awe. Soisne stabs an Uchiha in the torso while Arashi yawns behind her, “This is getting too easy.” Soisne turns back and looks at him questioningly, the Uchiha still stuck on her arm, “What do you mean?” “We just wiped out all of these people in no time at all. Now we both have to wait for reinforcements to arrive. Fighting together is a waste of time at this point.” Soisne shoves the Uchiha off of her hand and looks at him questioningly, almost sadly, “But—”

“If we split up, we can do more damage overall. Plus,” he adds, noting her reluctance, “this way, you get to kill way more people.” Her expression clears, “Oh,” and she makes an anime fist pound, “That’s okay then!” Arashi turns around and begins walking off towards the mountainous North. As he passes by the group of Mountain Nation who part, terrified, “Don’t worry guys, just be happy we’re on your side.” He gets past them and waves, “We may be monsters, but we’re your monsters.” Soisne smiles and waves after him. She walks towards the soldiers and smiles at them pleasantly, “I’ll treat your wounds now.”


Kai and Yasei chose to unlock the Blood Red Door and Breaking Into Two Pieces memories



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