Naruto D20

S5: Episode 15 - Unraveling the Past: The Fractured Friendship


Arashi stands over the corpse of a white-cloaked demon holding a staff in a crypt with a floor littered with mummies. A few years appear to have passed from the last memory. He sighs, “It’s completely looted, just like all the rest.”


Tao grits his teeth and throws his hat to the ground, “Dammit…we’re too late.”


“We’ll just have to hope he doesn’t get the rest of the pieces, I guess.” Soisne says dejectedly.


A man approaches from behind them and asks a question in a foreign language. Kai and Yasei recognize him as none other than Icarus. Arashi responds in the same language and Icarus looks perturbed by his response.

Tao looks around at them all, “So, now what do we do?” “It’s obvious,” Soisne replies, “we destroy the Shadow Nation.” “And all of the Uchiha, once and for all.” Arashi chimes in. Tao is taken aback, “Can you two even hear yourselves?” Arashi lashes out in anger, “No, Tao, I don’t. I only hear the sounds of our people dying, I didn’t think you would forget!” Tao adopts his calming voice, “You’re being irrational, Arashi. This just isn’t right.” Soisne scoffs, “Sounds like you’re being a bitch.” Tao turns on her, “Don’t encourage him, Soisne!” Arashi goes towards Soisne, “If you don’t like it, you don’t need to come.” he grabs Soisne’s hand, “Its not like we need you anyway.” He begins to walk out of the cave, Soisne in his wake.

“You’re walking down a path you can’t come back from, Arashi!” Tao calls after him desperately. “I’ve given up on the high road, Tao. The high road is what killed that little girl…” “What little girl?” Arashi ignores him and makes a hand seal; a cloud appears in front of him which he steps up onto, “I’m going to walk the low road and burn everything in my wake.” He extends his hand once more out to Soisne, who grabs it and steps onto the cloud. “Goodbye, Tao.”


Kai and Yasei chose to unlock the Crypt memory



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