Naruto D20

S5: Episode 14 - Unraveling the Past: Finding a Path

A Man Walking

Arashi comes to on a rickety wagon with the sun beaming down on his face. He sits up abruptly and sees the small amount of villagers who survived, including Soisne and Tao crowded around the wagon. Beside him, Raiku grabs his arm and urges him to lay back down. Tao comes over to the wagon explains that they are relocating to the Wind Nation. He looks apprehensively at Arashi, “You should really get those spirits taken care of soon. Who knows what will happen if you keep them in there too long.” “I know, I know.” “I could exorcise them real quick for you, if you’d like. And I know Soisne wouldn’t mind taking them off your hands…” he gestures towards the blue-haired woman walking stiffly ahead of them.

Arashi snaps at the mention of Soisne, “They’re still people, even if they’re spirits! I’ll take care of it!” Tao looks taken aback, “Sorry.” Arashi apologizes, “It’s been a long day.” “Week.” Tao corrects. Arashi starts, “Where’s Uuzu?! He could be halfway across the world by now! I have to—” He tries to get up and groans in pain. “Arashi, now isn’t the time to be worrying about Uuzu.” Tao says him before speeding up to tell Soisne about Arashi coming to. Arashi lies back down onto the card, staring into the sky, “It’s all fucked up Dad…it’s all fucked up…” Arashi begins to cry as Raiku silently strokes his hair.


Dead Uchiha litter the ground as Tao, Soisne and Arashi pick through their corpses. Soisne dispassionately rips a pair of one’s eyes out, “No information, as usual.” Arashi grunts in frustration as he coup de graces a struggling survivor, “How many do we have to kill before we find out where Uuzu is?” He sighs and wipes the blood from his sword. “We’re running low on rations again.” Tao makes some hand seals and begins to form a wooden house, “We could go to a nearby town for rations,” he suggests.

Soisne perks up, “Good idea, I’m low on blood. Let’s go.” “No! Only the enemy,” Arashi says sternly, “We’re better than these Uchiha bastards.” Soisne kicks the dirt in front of her, “Fine.” “Not all Uchiha are bad, Arashi,” Tao interjects. Arashi scoffs, “Yeah, well I’ll send them all to Hell and let them sort out the good ones.” Tao chastises Arashi for being too extreme, but Arashi pays him no mind. He is being subjected to intense flashbacks from the burning metal city. His hands begin to tremble and he reaches into his pocket for a pill bottle. He takes out two pills and pops him into his mouth. Tao and Soisne look at him disapprovingly, but before they can say anything, Arashi walks off to go find some berries.




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