Naruto D20

S3: Episode 3 - Meeting Tezka

While their sensei takes care of important business, Kai and Yasei are left with the task of getting to know their new squadmate, Tezka. They take him to the training grounds and ask what he can do. Tezka proceeds to grow taller and change hair and eye colors almost effortlessly; when he returns to his normal height, he spits bones and flesh out onto the ground. Intrigued, Kai inquires what he can do in combat. Tezka responds by partially pulling out his spinal cord and smiling. Yasei, recognizing the distinct style of the Kaguya clan, looks him up and down, saying “You don’t look like a Kaguya.” He tilts his head and suddenly his features meld into those of a pale-skinned female with white hair, “Better?”

Slightly alarmed, but realizing this thing was their only way into the Chuunin exams, the team makes introductions. Upon realizing that Kai is an Uchiha, Tezka sniffs the air longingly and says “Sharingan…I had one of those once.” Sufficiently weirded out, they change the subject by asking where he came from (as they had not seen him around the village previously). Tezka paused to consider the question. “Caves, mostly.” he smiles widely, “Sensei takes me out at night a lot…for snacks.” Considering this exchange sufficient for introductions, the squad decides to spend the rest of the time before the exams training cardio.

After three days, Yasei and Tezka stay over at Kai’s house to leave together in the morning. The very next morning, registration for the Chuunin exams would begin!




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