Naruto D20

S3: Episode 1 - A Mysterious Duo! Who Lies Behind the Mask?!

In a darkened cave, a drop of moisture rolls from a steep stalactite towards the precipice. It hesitates for a moment, then falls and lands on what looks like a mass of black hair sitting perfectly still in the darkness. The mass seems unfazed by the water droplets and only continues to stare off into the cave, drooling slightly. From across the room, another figure enters, carrying some sort of bundle under their arm. The bundle is thrown at the sitting creature and a voice echos across the cave from the newcomer. “We’re going into town. Get dressed.” a woman’s voice states harshly. The creature stirs and examines the bundle dispassionately, “But why?” The woman scoffs, “Just come on.”

The creature seems to brighten suddenly, “Are we going to eat?” It begins to salivate heavily. The woman pauses and seems to consider something before grudgingly answering, “…eat first, then.” The creature leaps to its feet and heads to another opening in the cave. This area is dominated by a large pen, like one that would be seen enclosing cattle. However, in the center, there are instead people of various ages and genders sitting around, staring into the darkness with glazed-over eyes. The creature climbs over the fence and grabs the nearest person.

As easily as breaking a twig, it breaks the person’s neck in half and begins to rip chunks out of its prey, occasionally pausing to lick its lips and sigh in contentment. While the creature rips another limb off of the body, the woman leans against the doorway impatiently. From the dim lighting of the cave, only the shape of her ANBU mask is visible.



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