Naruto D20

S3: Episode 7 - Survival Exams, Part 3: An Overwhelming Presence Approaches...

Yasei is wrenched from her astonishment as Tomoyo enters the Jyuuken stance and raises her arms. “You oppose us and you oppose our house. I will not let this stand.” Yasei looks frustrated, “The only thing I oppose is the treatment of the Lower House.” Tomoyo looks unimpressed and attempts to divination whirl Yasei, but she divination whirls in retaliation, resulting in only a pushed back effect for them both. They proceed to an intense battle between Tomoyo’s sacred fist and Yasei’s soul edges.

Meanwhile, Tezka, suddenly free of distractions, notices the sleeping Hyuga on the ground. Salivating heavily, he draws a sharpened bone from his arm and leans down next to the Hyuga. In one swift motion, he cuts open the Hyuga’s jugular and begins to eat though his neck with gusto. The remaining member, horrified at his squadmate’s demise, only tries to fight harder against Kai, but Kai ain’t no bitch. Sensing an opportunity to utilize a new technique, he unleashes a gout of flame against the Hyuga and kicks him into the air while he’s distracted. While he hovers in the air, Kai appears above him and follows him during his descent. As the Hyuga hits the ground, Kai’s drives his fist through the Hyuga’s chest, instantly killing him.

Tomoyo suddenly realizes that both of her squadmates are dead. During their fight, both she and Yasei had sustained extensive injuries, but she prepares for a move to finish Yasei off. Instead, Yasei unleashes a high-level Ryureikin technique which ends up killing her. As Tomoyo drifts towards death, Yasei looks over her with immense regret, “It didn’t have to be this way…we are blood, the two of us.” Tomoyo lets out a weak chuckle, “We were never blood, and you know it,” and expires.

Enter Tezka, “So…can I eat that?” Frustratingly unsure of how to cover this up, it is decided that Tezka will eat them to hide the evidence. Attempts are made to make it seem as though they were eaten by animals while Kai steals their eyes and seals them away. Once all of this is accomplished, the squad takes a moment to sit down and rest. As Yasei tries to heal the injuries sustained while fighting Tomoyo, Tezka sits up straight, sniffing violently, “The three ninja from the Storm are coming.” (these three ninja are all full-grown adults, super overpowered and taking these tests purely for the title of Chuunin) Yasei grows alarmed, worried that they will slay them all and urges the squad to run for it. They do and the Storm ninja give chase; to lose them, Kai throws back some explosive tags to collapse the tunnels.

The squad runs for ten more minutes before stopping at a T-shaped junction, where they can see all approaching the area. Fairly certain that they’ve lost them, they take a moment to continue healing. They soon notice, however, that they are surrounded by the Storm ninja, each sauntering down a hallway of the T-junction. Squad Five gets to their feet and prepares for a fight.




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