Naruto D20

S3: Episode 10 - Preliminaries, Part 1: Outstanding Displays

The night before the preliminary fights, Yasei and Kai go over potential strategies at Kai’s place. Since Tezka has inconveniently fallen ill, they will have to use Gnar as a substitute in their upcoming fight. After they have discussed a general strategy, Kai goes to bathe and Yasei accidentally comes across Kai’s super secret stash of pop culture magazines/records. Overjoyed that she has found something to taunt Kai with, she turns the records on full volume and casually flips through the magazines on his bed until he returns. Kai hears the music outside of his door. Resolve is steeled. He enters the room and attempts to genjutsu Yasei, who kais in response. Heh. Both-kai.

The next morning, Kai, Yasei and Gnar head to the stadium to watch the fights before theirs. Before they take their seats, they make sure to wish Squad Four luck in their fight today; Inazuma and Yukai are very certain that they will win. As they find their seats, the first fight begins:

1. Crashing Waves Nation vs. Forest Nation

The Crashing Waves consist of two guys and one girl, all wielding umbrellas. The Forest Nation consists of one guy carrying a small cat on his shoulder, an Aburame girl and a guy with a palpable chakra-emanating aura. When the fight begins, the Wave ninja unleash a hail of needles from their umbrellas while the Forest ninja’s cat increases in size and the Aburame directs her bugs towards the Wave ninja. On the next round, the Aburame summons a large beetle to provide flanking with the Forest ninja’s now-tiger. One Wave ninja with a cloak unleashes a containment seal of water and attempts to manipulate water clones.

The Aburame, however, sends over a swarm of bugs that consume the chakra and cause the clones to fall apart. She then sends the large beetle to charge at the cloaked ninja, who is thus knocked unconscious. The Forest ninja with the chakra aura appears instantly over the unconscious ninja and loudly threatens to coup de grace him if his teammates do not give up. The girl instantly drops her umbrella in surrender, but the other guy continues to attack. All Forest ninja converge on the remaining Wave ninja and quickly knock him unconscious.

The Forest Squad is declared the winner and they leave the arena showered with the Crashing Wave ninjas’ needles.

2. Land of Storms vs. Fire Nation

Zig, Mu and Yoko enter the arena opposing two identical-looking guy and another guy. When the match begins, Zig activates chakra scalpels in both hands and sprints towards his opponents while the Mu and Yoko watch. The identical squadmates summon a fire dragon and fox and attempt to hit Zig with a fireball before he can reach them. However, he dodges the fireball with ease and hits both of the summoners in the head with his scalpels. Once hit, the two stumble around, seemingly unable to tell where they are going, running into walls.

Meanwhile, the third squadmate has been running around Zig in a circle. When he turns to face him, the Fire ninja runs to the side of the ring and makes a hand seal. As he makes the seal, the footsteps where he had been running begin to glow and violently explode, leaving nothing but a crater and huge plumes of smoke. When the smoke clears, Zig is no longer in the crater, but on the wall above one of the blinded summoners. He falls on the summoner and knocks him unconscious before going after the third Fire ninja. Zig taijutsu’s the hell out of this guy and knocks him unconscious.

With two of the opposing teammates unconscious and the other blinded, the Land of Storms wins the match in a landslide.




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